Jamie Sheldon has actively been part of the fitness world for nearly 20 years. He started as a personal trainer and wellness coach, quickly working his way up to gym management and fitness equipment consulting across the country. After running a nutrition store soon after, he decided to put his incredible network to good use. In August 2017, NATFIT, LLC. was created.



Mr. Sheldon’s nickname in the sport of Professional Armwrestling is “The Natural”. Jamie wanted something simple and catchy, so he decided on NATFIT for the supplement line. He has been an important participant in arm wrestling for 16 years and over this period of time has developed a nationwide network. This has allowed him to grow the company at a rapid rate. 



In almost 4 year’s time, the company has grown to a dozen territory locations, with 20 products in rotation and is hoping to double these numbers in the next year. The goal of a GLOBAL NATFIT has been reached as Canada, Europe, and most recently Australia are on board and distributing. For interest in joining the Canadian Team of Distributors, please send us an email at info@natfitcanda.ca. 



Kayne Hemsing -- Saskatoon, SK
PHONE: 1 (306) 681 8862
EMAIL: info@natfitcanada.ca


 Manitoba Branch:

  • Billy Berg -- Winnipeg, MB
    PHONE: 1 (204) 408 4983
    EMAIL: goodorganicdefense@hotmail.com

  • Matthew Schultz -- Morris, MB
    PHONE: 1 (204) 746 6555
    EMAIL: schulzy18@gmail.com 

Saskatchewan Branch:

  • Matthew Bellisle -- Saskatoon, SK
    PHONE: 1 (306) 520 7809
    EMAIL: matthew.bellisleNFC@gmail.com

  • Brandon Olafson -- Moose Jaw, SK
    PHONE: 1 (306) 631 7608
    EMAIL: duke_olafson@hotmail.com

  • Derek Allary -- Regina, SK
    PHONE: 1 (306) 980 7366
    EMAIL: derek.allary13@gmail.com
  • Jaime Balon -- Windthorst, SK
    PHONE: 1 (306) 736 7158
    EMAIL: jj_balon@hotmail.com


Alberta Branch:

  • Len Houghton -- Lethbridge, AB
    PHONE: 1 (403) 892 7427
    EMAIL: hawkshauling@hotmail.com

New Brunswick Branch:

  • Danika Prince -- New Brunswick, NB
    PHONE: 1 (506) 544 6269
    EMAIL: nika-ox@hotmail.com